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Guanajuato International Film Festival
July 19 - 23 in San Miguel de Allende and July 24 - 28 in Guanajuato Capital
Mexico's largest film festival and one of the most important platforms for young filmmakers in Latin America takes place from July 19 - 23 in San Miguel de Allende and July 24 - 28 in Guanajuato Capital!

Guanajuato International Film Festival pays tribute to those who have dedicated their lives to film, on this occasion its Fernando Lujan’s turn, with a lengthy film repertoire that includes more than 65 films.

The theme to this year's festival is “Film is a journey”.

Storytelling are usually more captivating when they have to do with a trip and the inherent desire to encounter fantastic beings in magical places.

Trips throughout film take us to faraway places, like in “LE VOyage dans La Lune” by George Melies, who took us to the moon, or at the end of a journey like in Lárrivee dún train a La Ciotat” from the Lumiere brothers, who don’t even show us origin or direction, just a 40 second sequence with the arrival of the train to the station. Cinematographic experience is a trip in itself. The recurrence of the theme in film presents numerous manifestations. It’s an endless transit of naming all those examples in which the primary need of human movement is implicit in the cinematography universe.

El festival se realizará del 19 al 28 de julio del 2013 en las ciudades de San Miguel de Allende y Guanajuato.



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